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Soft Box and Light Stand

Studio Photography

Light Stand

<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Reversible Compact Light Stand (Manfrotto Light Stand look alike)</span>
Reversible Compact Light Stand (Manfrotto Light Stand look alike)
Reversible Compact Light Stand (Manfrotto Light Stand look alike)

- Folded Height 49cm
- Maximum Height 2m
- Max Load 1.5 Kg
45.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Mini Light Stand with Tripod Screw</span>
Mini Light Stand with Tripod Screw
Mini Light Stand with tripod screw

- Made of Refined Aluminum Tube
- very Light and Convenient to Carry
- Stable & Quick Setup
- Easy to Unfold and Fold Steadily, Retractable
- Fit to Flash Mounts,Flash Triggers and other Professional Strobes
- Ideal for Studio Lights, Flash, Umbrellas, Reflector and Background Support
- max height 2m, good for photographers who need to fly oversea or want super mobility
26.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Standard Light Stand with Tripod Screw</span>
Standard Light Stand with Tripod Screw

Maximum height 2m
PT04III wireless receiver directly can be mounted
Essential strobist item
28.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Heavy Duty Light Stand</span>
Heavy Duty Light Stand
Heavy Duty Light Stand

Maximum height 2.8m
Super strong,heavy duty light stand
With Air-cusion Spring lock
Ideal for Studio Flash and those who worry from light stand fall down by wind blow
45.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Normal Light Stand Bag</span>
Normal Light Stand Bag
Normal Light Stand Bag

- Simple and light weight.
- This Nylon bag is made for the professional photographer who needs to go on location shoot.
- Can fit 3 standard light stand or 2 light stand and 2 umbrella.
- This bag can keep dust away from your valuable equipments.
- It comes with velcro carrying straps.
15.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Padded Light Stand Bag</span>
Padded Light Stand Bag
Padded Light Stand Bag

3 standard light stand + 3 umbrella holder + 3 umbrella + some more space left for your flash gun and accessories, Padded Bag.
3 compartments inside
either top or front opener,Zip equipped
28.00 $
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Studio Strobe Soft Box

<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Jinbei Studio Soft Box 60x90cm</span>
Jinbei Studio Soft Box 60x90cm

Dual Layer
Jinbei/Bowen Mounting
No Logo
Compatible with Blazzeo 250Watt and 160Watt Studio Flash
60.00 $
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Umbrella Soft Box

<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">36" Umbrella Bounce Softbox</span>
36" Umbrella Bounce Softbox
Silver Reflective layer inside to bounce back the light
Translucent white layer cover diffuses the reflected light
Eliminate the hot spot from the strong flash light
No assembly needed, just like open your umbrella
Almost same lighting effect compare to expensive studio soft box
Ideal for Studio Strobe or external hot shoe flash, indoor or outdoor
Made with high quality photographic material and comes with nylon carry bag
40.00 $
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<span class="Apple-style-span"  style="font-size:150%;">Umbrella Softbox</span>
Umbrella Softbox

Shoot through surface with black cover
No light lost
It can be used with Hot shoe Flash and Studio Flash
Quick set up,easy to carry
30.00 $
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